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Never a monthly service charge!*

When you join Harvesters Federal Credit Union, we never charge you a checking account maintenance fee — no matter what balance you maintain or how many checks you write!

Overdraft Protection

Harvesters Federal Credit Union knows that sometimes accidents happen. If you write a check but have insufficient funds in your checking account to cover it, we offer overdraft protection. Overdraft Protection will automatically transfer money from your savings account to your checking account for a small charge.

*To learn more about overdraft protection, please refer to our schedule of fees for overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees.

Harvesters VISA® Debit Card

Every checking account at Harvesters Federal Credit Union is qualified to be issued a VISA® Debit Card that can be used at any ATM or merchant that accepts VISA.

Your Harvesters VISA® Debit Card is your ATM card and checkbook all rolled into one!

  • Make withdrawals
  • Make transfers between your Harvesters checking and savings accounts
  • Accepted worldwide

*No monthly maintenance fees apply to personal checking

Fraud prevention is just a phone call away.

24/7 Assistance: (866) 664-9364

  • Lost/stolen card
  • Recent transactions, PIN changes and more

Disputes: (800) 808-6402

Contact us today to learn more about our checking accounts and how to open your own.